A Wedding No Less Royal

This past Saturday, unless you live in a cave, you probably heard (nearly incessantly) about the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  It had been coming for months, and there was seemingly endless preparation. With all the media coverage, you would almost be certain that this was the first time in history that there had been a wedding.  You may be shocked to know that I was not asked to officiate. Apparently the royal family does not routinely use Southern Baptist preachers from small towns in the United States to perform their ceremonies.  


I’m sure that it was a beautiful ceremony.  I did not attend, having been slighted by not being asked to officiate (well, that and not being invited).  I also did not watch on TV, because realistically, who is up that early on a Saturday? But, apparently many did watch.  People were having royal wedding parties, some were having tea and biscuits whilst watching, many were wearing their most ostentatious hats in celebration.  But, at the end of it all, what we have is two people who joined their lives together in front of God and their families.


In reality, that is what every wedding should be.  Tomorrow, I will officiate a wedding for friends who are apparently less picky than the royal family (because they asked me to officiate).  David and Kelli will stand in front of me, dressed to impress, and in front of God, their families, and their friends, pledge their lives to each other.  They may be slightly less famous than Prince Harry and Meghan (or the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as they are now known), but their wedding will be no less important.  After all, the sovereign God and Creator of the Universe will be there.


The world may not watch them get married, but their families and friends will watch rejoicing in their love and their lifetime commitment.  People will rejoice over their future together as one. And the King of kings will smile as these two follow His plan in marriage, the institution He created.  And there is no more important wedding guest than Him!