COVID-19 and the Return to the Blogosphere

Perhaps by now, you may have heard that we are in a pandemic. COVID-19 has drastically changed many lives, and even ended the lives of over 100,000 Americans. It has brought out

the best and worst in several people that I know. It has disrupted our church services and caused us to really miss our time of fellowship and worship together. I think that when we are able to gather again, it is going to be awesome! As hard times always tend to do, however, this pandemic has led to some very good things, even some blessings if we acknowledge them as such. Here are some of my favorites:
1. Parents have more time with their children. Depending on your children, this may or may not seem like a blessing, but they will look back fondly on mom trying to understand “that new math” or dad trying to figure out how to diagram a sentence. They will remember the fun and creative ways in which the family played together during the time when they weren’t loaded down with activities. And perhaps afterward, some families will deliberately spend more time together.
2. People (ok, it’s me, I’m people) have had more time to devote to spiritual disciplines such as Bible study and prayer. If you’ve not used your time to deepen your relationship with Christ, you have missed out. By the way, if you want to join our email prayer list, send an email to
3. People have gone out of their way to be encouraging to each other. I have received several cards and letters encouraging me through this time. By the way, our ladies can actually make their own handmade greeting cards! Every Sunday morning before I go live, I get an encouraging phone call from a member. It’s been amazing.
4. People have been concerned for their local businesses. We are trying to get our takeaways from local restaurants that we enjoy. Supporting them now helps to ensure that they will be there in the future.
5. Finally, the church was forced out of the building. I know, this sounds like a bad thing, but the church has been forced to adapt. Those churches who have had drive-in services will have awesome memories of them. Many churches (including ours) learned to live-stream. I know churches whose online viewership is 2-3 times the average attendance. The gospel is being proclaimed all over the world.
Have you noticed any good coming from our situation? Have you looked for it?