Sappony Baptist Church has been offering support, strength, courage and Christian leadership to the community since its establishment in 1773. According to The Concise History of the Kehukee Association, two elders John Rivers and Issac Robinson desired to have a Baptist Church in their neighborhood. A building was constructed near Sappony Creek, approximately 3 miles from what is now the present day town of Stony Creek. This building would be known as the Sappony Meeting House. The origin of the name comes from the Sappony Indian tribe who lived in the area
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One of the highlights of the history of Sappony Baptist Church is the skirmish that tool place on and around the grounds of the church during the Civil War. On June 24, 1864 Union soldiers under the command of General J. H. Wilson, encountered Confederate soldiers under the command of General Wade Hampton, and proceeded to drive them back to Sappony Church, around which both forces skirmished during the night. At the break of dawn, General Hampton’s whole command charged, and successfully drove the Union soldiers from two lines. Then they pursued the scattering Union forces for some two miles and captured 800 prisoners. The Church was badly marred by shot and shell, the columns badly burned and torn, and the Bible was pierced. This according to THE HISTORY OF VIRGINIA PORSMOUTH BAPTIST ASSOCIATION.
Cannon holes are still visible today  above the church columns and are  preserved under plexi glass. The   Bible was originally presented to the church in 1850 by 14 ladies who worked together and donated 25   cents each to make the purchase.
Much has changed with Sappony since the Civil War but only with the building itself. In 1943 the church was wired for electricity and 10 years later construction began for a new educational building. The lumber and labor for the new building were given by local residents. The pulpit area was remodeled and a choir area plus a baptismal were added in 1957. Vinyl siding was put on the church in 1976 and 1990. Even though there have been structural changes, Sappony has remained committed to spreading the gospel and ministering to the area. The love of Jesus Christ endures.
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