Out of the Darkness


Can you imagine being in a mine, like these two men? It is underground. It is dark. It stinks. It is dirty. Now, can you imagine being in there and resisting the invitation to come out of the mine and into the daylight? Such is the natural state of man. In the dark and unable to come into the light.

            Fortunately, God does invite us out of the dark and into the light. But receiving the invitation does not automatically solve our problems. We must accept the invitation. Then, we have to walk. We have to actively leave the dark and dirty place behind. We must move closer and closer, with each step, to Him. With each step, we leave the darkness behind and move further into the light.

            But once we exit the mine, the work is not done. You wouldn’t meet the king like that, would you? The clothes that you’re wearing would have to go. Then, you must be bathed. The dirt and stain of that former place has to be washed away. Then you can be dressed in clean garments and made presentable.

            With each step outside the dark, cold, damp, and dirty mine, you get further away from that life. Leaving it behind and washing it off of you does no good if you turn around and go back in. When our King invites us out of the dark pit, He bids us to keep walking with Him and not to turn back to the old life. We need never look back, because where we are going is so much better than where we’ve been.