Feb 28, 2021
At the Feast of Tabernacles
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Today we look at Jesus' teaching at the Feast of Tabernacles.
  • Feb 28, 2021At the Feast of Tabernacles
    Feb 28, 2021
    At the Feast of Tabernacles
    Series: (All)
    Today we look at Jesus' teaching at the Feast of Tabernacles.
  • Feb 14, 2021The Transfiguration: Mark 9:2-13
    Feb 14, 2021
    The Transfiguration: Mark 9:2-13
    Series: (All)
    Welcome to Transfiguration Sunday. Today, we take a look at Mark’s account of this event witnessed by Peter, James, and John. We’ll see that they have the privilege of seeing the Son’s glory as well as two Old Testament heroes of the faith. This will provide them some hope for difficult days ahead.
  • Feb 7, 2021Why I Have Come: Mark 1:29-39
    Feb 7, 2021
    Why I Have Come: Mark 1:29-39
    Series: (All)
    As we look at Mark 1:29-39 today, let us ponder the question, “What has God healed or delivered me from?” As we think about this, we can usually think of something. The next question is, “What am I doing for Him as the result?” As we look at an instance of divine healing today, lets keep these questions in mind.
  • Jan 31, 2021A New Teaching: Mark 1:21-28
    Jan 31, 2021
    A New Teaching: Mark 1:21-28
    Series: (All)
    Are you allowing Christ to speak into your life? If so, how much? When? Where? To what degree do you listen? The words of Christ always have the power to transform your life. His word is the power to speak life and cast out evil. Do we allow Him to do that in our lives? Let’s bear that in mind as we study Mark 1:21-28.
  • Jan 24, 2021In 40 Days: Jonah 3:1-10
    Jan 24, 2021
    In 40 Days: Jonah 3:1-10
    Series: (All)
    God gave Jonah a simple message to proclaim to the people of Nineveh.  When Jonah finally obeyed, many people avoided destruction as a result. Today, we look at the call, the message, the result, and the mercy that we see in Jonah 3:1-10.
  • Jan 17, 2021Who’s Speaking to You? 1 Kings 11:43-12:11
    Jan 17, 2021
    Who’s Speaking to You? 1 Kings 11:43-12:11
    Series: (All)
    Between TV, social media, and real people in our lives, a lot of voices are competing for our attention. Our disposition is largely dependent on which voices we allow into our heads and our hearts. Today, we discuss listening to the most important voice of all.
  • Jan 10, 2021Baptism of the Lord (Mark 1:1-11)
    Jan 10, 2021
    Baptism of the Lord (Mark 1:1-11)
    Series: (All)
    Today, we look at the baptism of Christ. We, as Baptists, affirm believer’s baptism, meaning that we reserve this ordinance for those who have made a conscious decision to follow Christ in their lives. Since we believe that believers must seek out baptism, it is important to take a look at what being baptized requires of us as we seek to follow Christ.
  • Jan 3, 2021To Worship Him: Matthew 2:1-12
    Jan 3, 2021
    To Worship Him: Matthew 2:1-12
    Series: (All)
    Epiphany is traditionally celebrated on January 6th, twelve days after Christmas. It is the observance of the Magi from the East making their visit to Jesus in Bethlehem. Many of us have seen the saying, “Wise men still seek Him.” While we know precious little about the visit of the Magi, we see that their acknowledgement of Christ had consequences not only for them, but for those in authority as well. Today, we will ask the question, “What does acknowledging Christ look like in our lives?”
  • Dec 27, 2020Recognize Him: Luke 2:21-38
    Dec 27, 2020
    Recognize Him: Luke 2:21-38
    Series: (All)
    When Jesus was 40 days old, He was taken to the temple to be consecrated, as the Law required. While there, He was recognized by two people who were watching for His coming, Simeon and Anna. In the same way that these two recognized Him, we must recognize Him as well.
  • Dec 20, 2020Let It Be: Luke 1:26-38
    Dec 20, 2020
    Let It Be: Luke 1:26-38
    Series: Advent 2020
    Every year at Christmas, we read the familiar narrative of the angel Gabriel’s encounter with Mary.  While we often think of this as simply an announcement that Mary is going to have a baby, we must realize that it is much more. More even than an announcement of the Savior, it is the announcement of the King of kings and Lord of lords. Jesus came to take the throne and rule for all eternity.  Let’s look at this encounter in that light today.