We have a gravel parking lot.  When parking, we try to let the elderly park closest to the doors.

Entering the Building:

If you arrive before 10:45, you will see a Sunday School class meeting in the sanctuary; feel free to come on in and join us! During Sunday School, everyone participates in the discussion.


Children join us for the first few minutes of the Worship Service, and pastor even does a short “Children’s Sermon” for them before they go upstairs for age-appropriate learning.  This is to help the children to feel comfortable in the sanctuary when they become old enough for sermons.

Worship Style:

We have a classic style Worship Service, and a cozy, welcoming sanctuary, conducive to worship for the whole family.  We do not seek to entertain, we seek to be respectful and worshipful.


While some of our members come “dressed up”, it is certainly not required.  Casual attire is certainly welcome. 

Sunday School:

Sunday School begins at 10:00 AM with an opening in the sanctuary, after which, everyone goes to their respective classes.  We have a class for all ages of children, as well as a nursery.


In order to successfully apply Scriptural solutions to life, one must understand what God meant when He inspired them.  The pastor seeks to unpack Scriptural truths in a manner that emphasizes their usefulness in daily life.  The pastor preaches from the Christian Standard Bible, as it is the modern English translation that is most faithful to the original Scriptures.  

Bible Study:

On Thurday mornings at 10 AM we have a Prayer Meeting and Bible Study.  This is located in the parsonage at 13141 Lee Avenue, Stony Creek VA 23882.  During this time, we have a time of prayer for any concerns in our lives, and a deeper look into Scriptures.