Week Two: Points of Grace

For regular readers: From January through May 2021, my blogposts will be in response to assignments for coursework at Wesley Seminary. This week’s question is, “How does your story map on John Wesley’s soteriology (doctrine of salvation)?”

            When I first professed Jesus as Lord, I was ten years old, at a very large church in Houston who offered a bus ministry. As a family who moved a lot, I now see God’s grace in allowing that situation to happen. But I don’t know that I was really experiencing conviction at that point. We moved shortly after. Four years later, I would find myself at a small church in Kansas with a bus ministry. Again, God’s grace allowed me to be in that situation. During this time, I began to be more convinced of my own sin and unworthiness. I decided to accept the offer of Christ’s sacrifice for my sins and was baptized. This was where justification truly happened. The process of regeneration, however, has been a long one. One might say that I stood in the doorway for a very long time, not fully in and not fully out of the house. Regeneration began in earnest in my late twenties at a small church in North Carolina where I found myself stationed in the Marines. I decided to go on into the house and have been being progressively sanctified since then. I have grown in my obedience to Him. I am not perfect, but I am working to become more like Christ each day. I continue to look forward to the day when I am made fully perfect.